Emergent Biosolutions


Emergent Biosolutions is a leading pharmaceutical brand looking to maximize their digital presence. The new site needed to be fully responsive, but also feature customizeable styling to allow them to add the creative nuances to emphasize new projects or initiatives without the aid of a developer. Finally it needed to enable rich content authoring for content managers and administrators.

What We Did

After both a full website and content audit, it was determined that a complete restructuring of the website would garner the best results. Emergent wanted to integrate several of their product sites, so our main focus was always the user interface to ensure a fresh and intuitive experience. We built a highly complex website with simplified customizability, while showcasing a fresh and clean interface.


Custom, responsive theme development that features stunning widescreen imagery

Eliminated backend complexity by reducing content types from 34 to 14

Simplified content authoring experience to increase dynamic content

Ability to create feature biographies for team member spotlight

Anchor text allows for dynamic scrolling and greater content consumption

Integration with Investor Relations website

Ability to easily add and showcase videos

Enhanced user interface experience

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