TMW Systems – A Trimble Brand


TMW Systems came to us with challenges we know all too well. They have a complex hierarchy of relationships in their content structure and a Drupal site that does not meet the needs of content managers. When a site is not maintained, each iteration leaves a bit more of a mess – an unused content type, the remains of a clever hack that a content manager came up with to solve a problem, a new integration that isn’t working, an old module that no longer works – it all adds up until content managers are overwhelmed and frustrated at the amount of time it takes to do anything. At times even when it is maintained well, new services, partners and products leave the old site’s architecture obsolete.

Part two is also surprisingly common: a change in brand. In 2012, Trimble acquired TMW Systems, but no changes in brand were made until recently. At the time of the build, we knew there were brand changes coming but there were still some unknowns, and we needed to be able to pivot quickly when the rebrand was officially approved.

What We Did

Every site we touch starts with a strong Information Architecture process. We identify what is working, what can go wrong and how/where we can make improvements. By exploring how the content is related, we worked with TMW Systems’ team to map complex relationships in order to facilitate dynamic page content with the most simple tagging systems possible. Each piece of content has several fields for tagging, and the logic behind the scenes handles the rest.

The design and page layout options offer an incredible amount of flexibility. Each section within a page can be moved, deleted, hidden or styled as needed. With the branded visuals mainly controlled at the section level, we would be able to update a great deal of the look and feel by adding or changing styling options on this component. TMW Systems has an outstanding design lead, so each section also needed styling options at the copy level to either allow the graphics to speak, or to work as a standalone image.


The new site is really designed for content managers as much as it is for the end users. It will be easy to keep typographic hierarchy the same because there are clearly named styles. Colors, icons, and buttons are all defined sets, making the choices easy. Adding or removing content happens in one place, and since it is largely dynamic and automated, content managers do not need to fix broken relationships throughout the site.

Due to the sites’ level of flexibility for content managers, its stunning visual display and the incredible user experience is one of our most accomplished site launches to date!