Transportation Insight

A new brand and a new website to match

Transportation Insight is a leading provider of unique supply chain solutions, serving clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. With a 97% customer retention rate, and a desire to continue its growth, the company needed a refreshed website that clearly explained its services and reflected its brand. North Studio delivered on time and on budget.

The Project

Reimagine, Redesign, and Relaunch with Reliability

To aid in their efforts to grow, Transportation Insight commissioned North Studio to relaunch its flagship website with a reframing of the company’s services, messaging, and visual identity. This redesign would replace an existing WordPress site that was text-heavy, confusing to navigate, and didn’t reflect its position as an industry leader.

Always up for a challenge, North Studio collaborated with staff to develop a new site that communicated its position as an effective leader in the industry, answered prospective customer’s questions, supported the sales process, and met current customer needs. North Studio built the new site from scratch using WordPress. To improve performance and reliability, we selected hosting provider Pantheon.

AFTER (a scrolling representation)

Our Work


We engaged with the communications and leadership teams to capture key insights into the company’s services, sales process, and customer needs.

This included an analysis of current site traffic, marketing materials review, and four in-depth stakeholder reviews, in addition to a management-wide stakeholder survey, content audit, and landscape/competitive analysis. Using the findings, we created a mental model of a prospective customer’s journey, from site discovery through the sales process.


Using the discovery deliverables as a compass, we designed a new site with a flexible framework that could adapt to Transportation Insight’s evolving communications strategy. We explored multiple visual approaches, homing in on a path that showcased the company’s unique position in the marketplace while allowing the site to launch on time and on budget.

The Technology

North Studio selected WordPress to meet Transportation Insight’s requirements for a system that offers content flexibility on a tight timeline. In addition to using a custom theme, the site was structured and organized through post types and taxonomies. This structure gives the site needed plasticity to adapt easily and quickly as the company’s services grow and change.

North Studio also carefully thought out the authoring experience for the Transportation Insight team. We used the advanced custom fields (ACF) plugin to create thought-out, customized, and reusable blocks that follow the Bootstrap 4 responsive grid system.

Development and Launch

Because of this project’s tight timeline, our flexible framework allowed the development team to build a strong foundation while Transportation Insight finalized its visual, product, and messaging strategy. Then, we began a sprint to the finish line.

Our content team guided a speedy content entry process through frequent check-ins and content tracking tools. The development team’s QA procedures ensured a smooth launch, including the transition to Pantheon.


Transportation Insight’s website launched in the spring of 2020 at a key moment in the industry of supply chain logistics, when shutdowns due to coronavirus have deeply affected their clients’ ability to procure and deliver products. An improved digital experience will help the company attract prospective clients, and connect existing clients with the key resources they need to respond to enormous economic and marketplace change.


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