Healthcare Juggernauts Combat COVID-19 Head on

Healthcare Juggernauts Combat COVID-19 Head on

As the COVID pandemic continues, sometimes it feels as if we need a real-life superhero – someone to come in at the last moment, ready to save the day from a heinous villain.

Here at North Studio, we’re fortunate enough to digitally assist two health-sector goliaths attempting to do just that. Our partners at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Emergent BioSolutions are working on the cutting-edge of COVID-19 research, and are always ready to fight on our behalf for the world. So what have they been up to?

Gates Foundation: Ramping up COVID-19 Testing

Prior to shooting out our next newsletter on an incredible new platform we just launched for The Gates Foundation just last week (redefining their Global Drug Development Process Map), we wanted to share some incredible things they’re doing to stay ahead of the game in fighting the Corona pandemic.

Through these globally unprecedented times, there are several companies out there making the necessary moves to support the world in a major way. The Gates Foundation determined early on in the COVID-19 outbreak that they wanted to be one of these companies. As such, they recently made a monolithic-like deal with Amazon to deliver at-home testing kits to Seattle-ites, helping scientists collect the data necessary to effectively analyze this horrendous outbreak. The Gates Foundation has understood from the beginning that with data comes effective solutions, and their contributions are directly impacting experts as they continue to work with evidence-based decision making.

Emergent BioSolutions: Ahead of the Curve

Emergent BioSolutions is yet another champion in the uphill fight to curb COVID, and with a slogan as “a global life sciences company whose mission is to protect and enhance life,” they are rising to the challenge.

Considered to be on the global forefront of the health industry and a leader in helping stamp out the 2020 health threat, our friends and partner knew the importance of Design, User Interface, and User Experience. When moving their CMS to Drupal 8, they wanted users to feel an emotional connection to the calibre of work they do in the healthcare world.

This online strategy has been invaluable to Emergent in 2020 as they work alongside companies like Johnson & Johnson to help expedite vaccine research and production against the novel coronavirus. In leading the pack to finding proper treatment solutions, Emergent BioSolutions takes every measure to not only work at an unparalleled scientific pace, but to also connect to their global audience with up-to-date communications on the current state of COVID-19 treatment and vaccine research.

We stand behind both of these juggernauts, helping lend a digital hand when and where we can, and through ongoing web and marketing support. We are honoured to be a part of the cure, and will continue to do all we can to support our partners during this time.