Even though North Studio has a tightly integrated team that includes both marketers and developers, sometimes we have trouble understanding each other when it comes to more technical stuff. To bridge the gap I’ve asked our developers, what’s your favourite thing about Drupal? Here’s what they said.

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Josh Mark (also one of our blog authors) told me: “I think the best part of Drupal isn’t anything within Drupal, but the Drupal community. I can’t explain why it’s as popular as it is, but its popularity has lead to a lot of major, quality modules being developed for it.” Gotta love open source development!

Ray says: “My favourite thing about Drupal is its customization.

Ryan, our CTO, says: “I like Drupal for its adaptability, extendability, alterability and flexibility, the huge community of developers who support it, and the fact that highly visible organizations like The White House, NASA, The Grammy Awards, and others have adopted it.”

Aaron: “My favourite thing are Drupal’s use of content-types allow for easy separation and grouping of different types of content that is logical to the end-user.”

Tom’s favourite thing about Drupal: “Customizability. With most CMSs, you’re restricted in one way or another. Drupal’s a blank canvas.”

So here you have them: our Drupal developers talking about their favourite features of Drupal. It seems that customization is a big thing, and it must be nice to be able to deliver exactly what the client wants without being limited by an unflexible CMS.

What’s your favourite thing about Drupal? Is there something YOU’d like to ask our Drupal developers? Let us know on our Facebook page!